About Us



Troop 728, first chartered in 1947, has produced a tradition of excellence. Scouting instills positive social values and builds self-esteem and self-reliance in boys. Scouts, who have grown up in our program, become outstanding adults in society. The skills and experience each boy acquires on his road to Eagle will serve him well in the future.

Weekly Meetings

Troop 728 meets Wednesdays from 7:30pm until 9:00pm from September through June. Doors open at 7:00pm. We ask that all Scouts be on time, and wear full uniform and bring the Scout Handbook. New Scouts have two months to purchase a uniform. To conserve the gym floor, sneakers must be worn.

Dues and Joining Requirements

To join Boy Scouts, a boy must have finished the 5th grade, or earned the Arrow of Light Award, or be between the ages of 11 and 18.

Troop History

The Boy Scout movement came to Good Shepherd in 1947 when Troop 728 opened its doors. The Troop flourished with a membership of over 150 boys under three dedicated Scoutmasters: George Karsh (1947-1954), Frank Bond (1955-1970) and John Sweeney (1970-1973).

Bill Coughlin and William Hunter (our first Eagle Scout) each served as Scoutmaster for a year until 1975. The next Scoutmaster, Charles Lopez served for twelve years. With the help of many assistants such as Bill Milam, Mark Macagnone, and Jason Tormo the Troop was rebuilt into a unit that is respected throughout the parish and the community.

In 1987, another of our Eagle Scouts, Erik Martir, became Scoutmaster and carried on the tradition of service to the community and the youths of Inwood. In 1989, John Ward, a member of the Troop since 1976 and an Eagle Scout, became Scoutmaster. In 1994, Eagle Scout Bosco Chao stepped into the position of Scoutmaster as John Ward moved into the role of committee member. In September of 1998, Efrain Alvarado assumed the role of Scoutmaster.

In October of 2003, Terence Dolan, became Scoutmaster. Terence was the 5th Eagle Scout of the Troop to assumed the role of Scoutmaster. He carries on the traditions of the Troop, including Scout Breakfast, summer camp, and monthly trips or hikes.

Troop 728 has so far produced 28 Eagle Scouts, the most prestigious award that any young man can earn.

In addition to the personal skills each boy develops, the Scouting movement now stresses leadership skills which help to develop leaders of society for the 21st century. Naturally, the traditional camping skills and the concept of teamwork are big parts of the Scouting program. At 728 all this is accomplished in an atmosphere of caring and with a keen view for fun!

Adult Leadership

The Scoutmaster is helped by Assistants. Most of these young men have also grown up within the Troop. They have undergone extensive training by the Boy Scouts of America. A number of them are Eagle Scouts. We are extremely proud of the fact that five of our leaders have recently completed Wood badge training. This brings to eight the total of our leaders who have taken the most advanced training available to an adult leader! The assistants are aided by parents and by our scouts who hold leadership positions in the Troop.

Parents and Scouting

Parents who get involved can greatly enhance their son’s Scouting experience. Here are some suggestions for parents:

Familiarize yourself with your son’s Boy Scout Handbook. The book describes all aspects of the Scouting program, and contains information on protecting your son from child abuse and drug abuse.

Attend Troop events such as the Court of honor and Parents Meetings

Review the Troop Calendar you will get either by mail or from your son. The calendars show upcoming trips and events.

Volunteer to be a driver for a trip. This will enable you to see the boys in action and helps the leaders plan more extensive trips.